Like the Id strategy, but on the name attribute. Try Jira for free. Also, a test engineer must choose the correct locator strategy to automate the online workflows. Mentioned few examples below for reference. Identifier is what, which used multiple attributes of the element to locate it. It is one method which guarantees to locate any element on the page using the XPath expression. Identification of correct expected web element and to perform some action on it will be the expectation in Automation.

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The Phone text box should still become highlighted. Locators can be categorized into two categories: If we specify a partial link text that has multiple matches, only the first match will be accessed. Related Questions What are the element locators available with Selenium? Here clicking on partialLinkText will navigate to first url and second url both.

Could any one provide me the best sites to learn Selenium? Take note that when licators elements have the same HTML tag and name, only the first element in source code will be recognized. This type of locator applies only to hyperlink texts. We will access the ‘Email or Phone’ text box first.


As a general rule, keep in mind that if a locator matches several elements, only the first one will be effectively used by Selenium. In this tutorial, we will learn How to deal with file uploads and downloads.

Selenium Tutorial: Locators

Locating by Link Text This type of locator applies only to hyperlink texts. Locators can be classified into two categories: Press the “X” key in your keyboard to execute this click command. It is useful for items that own a unique style.

XPath is the standard navigation tool for XML. Navigate to Mercury Tours’ homepage http: Javascript allows you to build dynamic locators. Caution As a general rule, keep in mind that if a locator matches several elements, only the first one will be effectively used by Selenium.

Locators in Selenium WebDriver | Selenium Tutorial

Navigate to Mercury Tours Registration page and inspect the Phone text box. She has an exclusive experience in the field of Software Testing.

Identification of correct GUI elements is a prerequisite to creating an automation script. What webxriver the locators available in Selenium RC? CSS Selectors have many formats, but we will only focus on the most common ones.


The CSS class locator uses a specific class attribute to get to the first element on a web page. Change the index number to 1 so that your Target will now become document.

In Selenium Web Diver seven types of locators are mainly selnium. Selenium IDE should be able to access the Password label as shown in the image below. You can also specify a filter to refine your locator Link: Localize websites, mobile apps, games, video subtitles, and more.

Here clicking on linkText will navigate first url to Snapdeal. Works well only on elements with fixed ids and not generated ones. What is the difference between driver. For this example, we will select their ‘tabindex’ attributes.

Now, as for CSS locators. To use locators like the XPath is easy as you give the direct element path. XPath is a perfect technique for walking through the DOM structure of the web page.