Using the Parsing property page, you can quickly specify parsing tasks so that data is returned to your program in a usable format. The tremendous popularity of GPIB also made it attractive as a model for device communication and instrument control protocols. For example, suppose that you have an instrument that responds to the DATA? Selecting an Instrument from the General Property Page. Commanders communicate with Servants through the communication registers of the Servants using the Word Serial Protocol if the Servant is a Message-Based device, or by device-specific register manipulation if the Servant is a Register-Based device. From this property page, you can write and read message-based commands. Synchronizing two devices Device A is the controller that sends out a start signal to the two devices, B and C.

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bxi You can also embed a computer into a VXI chassis and control the system directly. Thus, advantages gained by advancements in the general computer hardware and software industries were not used in VXI.

The success of VXI as an open, multivendor platform is a testament to the value of multivendor standards, and has made VXI the vi of choice for open instrumentation systems. The property pages and property options are context sensitive; that is, the options available depend on the type of instrument with which you are trying to communicate.

Another benefit of using PCI is the ability to make lower cost products because components and software are readily available from thousands of vendors supplying the PC market worldwide. There are several factors to consider when comparing an MXI-equipped computer to an embedded computer.


Because MXI is an open standard documented with a comprehensive specification, anyone can develop products that will be integrated into an MXI controlled system. MXI device connectivity is accomplished at labgiew hardware level. It is a useful protocol but was removed from an earlier specification due to some problems in defining it with regard to multiple acceptors.

The Integration Challenge Recognizing the shortcomings of the rack-and-stack approach to building tightly integrated test systems, VXI defined a standard interface for modular instrumentation. In addition to being a high-performance platform, PXI also offers easy integration of modules because of the common software framework that all PXI modules implement.

Enable this option if your device is Big Endian. In addition, the MXI-2 cable is polarized and the end that is labeled “Connect this end to device closest to mxibus controller in vxj daisy chain” should be oriented toward the PCI-MXI In the case of MXI, it is important to understand not only the performance issues associated with the MXI link, but also the devices that communicate across the link.

NI-VXI and VXI Controller Support – National Instruments

With the success of multivendor xvi and solid technical specifications, VXI is backed by more than vendors, with more than products available. Stub lengths no more than 4 in. For low-level register access, use the Peek and Poke methods.

The following table summarizes the various signal-conditioning options. This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience.

VXI – National Instruments

VXIbus devices with only this minimum level of capability are called Register-Based devices. Use the ASRL setting if your serial instrument accepts Airflow direction is from bottom P3 to top P1. Servants communicate with their Commander by responding to the Word Serial commands and queries from their Commander through the Word Serial protocol if they are Message-Based, or by device-specific register status if they are Register-Based.


Using MXI, this bottleneck is eliminated altogether because MXI devices are connected at the hardware level by mapping each physically separate system into a shared memory space.

Low-Level VXI Word Serial Implementation Example in LabVIEW Using NI-VISA

Using the Parsing property page, you can quickly specify parsing tasks so that data is returned to your program in a usable format. This application note is divided into two tutorial sections. The VXI Consortium lahview established in The Open method initializes resources and configures the VISA communication session with the settings that you specified in the property pages or programmatically.

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For applications that need a highly specialized instrument available only as a VXI module or for legacy systems built entirely around VXI, PXI offers a compelling modernization path without throwing away all the initial investment in VXI.

A single MXI cable can be any length up to 20 m. With the ASRL setting, you can communicate with your instrument as you would any other message-based device, as in the following example: The answer is MXI. Software is the key to developing successful systems based on the VXIbus.