Third, the query is “ISM? I am tryinng to get the data from the analyzer now. When I do this command sequence manually the marker is being set up properly. Message 4 of And unfortunately the result is 0 which seems incorrect or meaningless.

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The VISA functions instead are more versatile and can also communicate with properly installed 3rd party hardware…. And unfortunately the result is 0 which seems labvkew or meaningless.

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You may have to transpose the data before it is written to get columns instead of rows. First, you are talking to an HP instrument so it is all together possible perhaps even likely that the instrument has a bug in it. Most Active Software Boards: Message 3 of Thanks for your help! Many HP instruments define a default response so if you are reading measurement results you don’t have to send a request every time.

Message 7 of 8. Message 4 of 8. Unless you are very familiar with the instrument and the command language, you will probably be better off using the driver.

I suggest you develop a sequence of buttons that you press to take the measurement, then code in that sequence and verify that is works correctly. Once the data is read out, probably into an array, you can use the “array to spreadsheet file.


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Message 5 of I am interested in registers 4 and If you look in the manual for the device you will find a place where it describes the default response to a read. Ah yes, the 15 bytes I now know enough to know that I have no clue about anything at all. Second, the reason you have to read hp35622a bytes is because that is how long a standard data response is. Proud to say that I’ve progressed beyond knowing just enough to be dangerous.

To avoid this, it is suggested that you send the following sequence of commands: I am sending this command to the the HPa via gpib from LV ” auto 0;rst;sngl;smes;pspc;ch1;cord;mag;linx; freq;sf 1hz;frs 2 khz; x hz ; ” But my Marker is not getting set on Hz instead it alway goes to Hz. Message 5 of 8. Could you explain or link me to more information on how the read actually gets the results?

Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies hp3562a Analyzer

National Instruments doesn’t support it but it is listed as compatible for so it may take care of some of the incompatibilities you’re seeing. If you use the assistant, you will have to manually enter all of the commands into the assistant and then almost certainly do a lot of debug.


I have a question on implemintaion of automatic spectrum measurement with results saving into a text file using HPa spectrum analyzer. I expect 15 bits about 2 bytes of information, however I am required to read 15 bytes before reaching the end of the output string with GPIB Read.

Message 6 of The low level labvisw is hidden from you with a driver. You will have to add that in the main program that calls the driver VIs or the assistant. Any suggestions will help.

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It runs fine, however as you can see above, I have to hardcode in “15” in order to reach the end of the output. So, I think hp a should follow the earliest protocol. Most Active Software Boards: This information comes from the programming manual.