Is it possible to use the cable of a different cell phone? Many of these Futuredial cables will work on the PC if you can find the proper drivers. Go to the Modems tab and click the Add… button. Back Shortly Leave A Message. Monday, February 27, 8:

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Update a driver for hardware that isn’t working properly PostScript printer drivers: However, I noticed that the FutureDial installer came with LG drivers, which I installed manually and those did work.

Driver download

To use the phone as a modem, you can either download the Verizon software to make a phone call, or you can set up the modem and dialup connection manually. Someone there suggested me to ask here instead, but now it got closed again.

I even did a Google search with everything that the box listed and nothing came up. AppLoader usb2serjal super flakey with these drivers installed the COM ports are random, includes COM9, sometimes have garbage characters in there.

The VX supports jpeg images, which tend to be smaller than the corresponding bitmap. I have had surprisingly little problems fkturedial the past months with AppLoader.

I’ve tried it a few times with different configurations: Originally posted by tyndal Try breaking your bar file up into a couple of smaller files. Run BitPim and select the correct telephone type and port for me it was com4. They wanted me to pay 25 cents each to email them all to myself one at a time.


Back Shortly Leave A Message.

If you do it this way, you could use the old header file since the id numbers wouldnt changebut you would need to change your Usn2serial functions so that you give the appropriate filename s as an argument, and recompile.

I uninstalled the drivers, and got the FutureDial drivers and first did the automatic driver install for VX Then, choose Data Send Phone Data, and make sure that Wallpaper is selected in the window that pops up. Sorry, Ysb2serial should have addressed that.

Has anyone experienced this before? Isn’t that a cellphone is actually a computer, with some operating system and managing its hardware? It worked some time ago but now it doesn’t Duyahn Walker Other related posts: And of course, wouldn’t you know, I don’t seem to have the cd for the fuuturedial on it, and I can’t find out what the chip set is anymore.

Futuredial Usb To Serial Cable Com3 Driver Download

I have a charging cable. At the time of writing, the most recent version was 0. One of the ones I had installed already did the job Usb2seeial can see the phone book etc. HI people, Looks like I’m digging this post again: Go to the Filesystem tab in BitPim, and right-click on the top of the tree.


I first asked in electronics. Please help me pointing to the possible solutions! If so, that same cable should work fine connected to your computer to transfer data. Hi Sac, i donot have a vx but with the other phones till now i have not faced the problem and also i have not larger then 75k so sorry You will need USB drivers for the cell phone on your computer, and you need a cable to connect the phone to a USB port. I’m having the same problem where the AppLoader crashes upon startup with my VX You can buy one usb2sedial Samsung or Sprint, or places like eBay and other third-party online sellers.