Marc Smack-Fu Master, in training Registered: What a sweet deal! Dec 16, Posts: Only bad thing is that viabug it sucks. This is jsut my big high speed storage cabinet. I am not impressed with the Epox. This is very useful tool when you’re building a system and something goes wrong – and is essentially a counter to MSI’s Dr.

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8KHA+ and Epox RAID Card

I sent it back to the place I bought it. I have the same controller card and it works great for me.

Marc Smack-Fu Master, in training Registered: With hd tach getting an burst off From what you posted it’s pretty obvious that the card is detected by the OS so I don’t think there’s a problem with it. I would be interested in buying one, how much do they cost and where did you buy yours?

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While I’d probably use the onboard audio for a while, I would eventually upgrade to an add-in card. I will definitely be using onboard audio for the time being, and the Soyo board is better in that regard from what I can see.


Nov 18, Posts: I’ve tried 3 different PCI slots as well.

Joined Apr Posts Sat Dec 15, 3: Jul 5, Posts: Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. May 21, Posts: Every time I removed my video card, I found my finger would hit it.

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I’m looking at the same decision, and it’s a tough one. Not a big deal, however it’s not very comforting.

It has only AC97 sound, which might be fine unless you play games. Sadly, there is just isn’t and IDE Raid support on this board. I have a seperate drive for Windows that I boot too. Nearest I can find that meets your req’s is Epox’s 8k7a.

Soyo Dragon+ or EPoX 8KHA+? – Ars Technica OpenForum

These 2 boards are stable. Jun 21, Posts: I dont need to make it the first boot device because Im not booting to it. I am definitely leaning towards the Soyo board now.

If you don’t see this screen, check and make sure plug and play OS is set to NO in the bios. Dec 16, Posts: Here your hard drives are detected and what mode their setup for i. I tend to be super picky about little things on motherboards, not so much so you’ll decide to buy something raidd, but rather to drop suggestions to the motherboard engineers.


Soyo Dragon+ or EPoX 8KHA+?

You should have a screen during boot up that’s labeled Aralion Technologies or something along those lines. It wouldn’t be that much cheaper, the sound is integrated rald the southbridge. Too bad the 8k7a doesn’t come without onboard sound, it’d be even cheaper. Jun 28, Posts: Those are the ones that I narrowed it down to.