The only thing that’s really missing is phantom power. Hi, I have the EMU 2. Increasing sample rate all the way up reduces the latency further to approx. ASIO settings come down to choosing latency and bit depth. But Im not an expert but It may not show up in the Option – Midi devices as this audio interface does not have midi in or out inputs on it.

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Input gain controls have signal level and clip indicators. On the EMU side, don’t use stereo plugs, as they can get hung up in the funny connector and damage it. How sweet it is!!! Windows 7 64 emuu has an E-MU driver resident in the operating system.

Beagle Max Output Level: Our tests show that it’s not exactly true.

0202 USB 2.0

BioShock Infinite and Metro: Direct Monitor level control with a Mono-Stereo switch. Your “Audio IF, Hz” setting will be different than mine. But if there having problems with setting up a card, then i like to keep it simple and stupid. Hi, I have the EMU 2.


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You can choose a sample rate and change the color palette of the panel. Just trying to help. A ballpark setting can be found using this formula But Im not an expert but It may not show up in the Option – Midi devices as this audio interface does not have midi in or out inputs on it. Are aso hooking up a hardware synth to sample thru or for playback???

There is also a beta for Windows 7, and bit. Now, please configure your sound card using the utility provided with your driver i.

With the Enu driver, latency should be set to 25ms. It is known to have some bugs Creative does not have the current driver posted anywhere, but there is a guy on the LP-PAN User Group who has a copy that can be downloaded. Latency results were worse on a MacBook – View More Photo E,u.

The difference between these devices is not big, it’s even smaller in case of the ESI Juli.

User Control Panel Log out. I dual boot my computer and on one boot I have all uneccessary hardware assio including my onboard sound.

EMU 0202 External Audio Interface

It is wise to never power down the E-MU independently of the PC, since it will probably try to start back up with 48 kHz sampling rate. A more willing group I have never met.


ASIo only supports one card at a time. Note that this release does not support OSX Leopard or earlier. This connector is located on the rear panel. Use it as reference asjo just follow the steps.

Some have reported selecting XP Compatilibility mode, while others didn’t. It draws very little power, and can be saio on all the time. Although the unit does not have phantom power supply at the microphone input, quality of the analog section puts the cheaper E-MU USB 2. Here is the OPtions – Midi devices screen Eemu think you are talking about, It doesnt show up as a midi input or ouput for me either.