Apple has definitely introduced a bunch of changes that has caused things that worked on Snow Leopard to no longer work on Lion. Thanks for your patience! Thanks for asking ahead. Hi Mohamed – Thanks for posting! Macbook Air, late Processor:

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Macbook Air, late Processor: We have installed the latest driver, but still have problems with the display not being recognized consistently. This thread has become a bit jumbled with topics: DisplayLink needs to catch up.

Is the correct install method to only install the the beta 4 driver from Display Link, then displayllnk the adapter?

Mac OS X Lion I displaylin not sure what happened when I initially installed Lion, as I have so many things installed on my mbp. Thanks for your patience! So there are no particular red flags with your system.

New DisplayLink Driver Released for Mac OS X Lion () – Plugable

The DisplayLink support tool will gather these details into a. Instructions for use and download are available here, under the second section, “Collecting Logs on Mac: This thread was initially for issues that happened when a customer upgraded from OS X Thanks for asking ahead.


Are there any reported problems or issues I need to be aware of? Just a word of thanks for posting this Bernie.

Supported Operating Systems

Was told it is the lates Mac OS that is causing the issue. Have to to unplug and move to another USB port it will pick back up most of the time. Sorry, bad news… It seems that DisplayLink Beta 3 of their 1.

Oz Daniel – thanks for posting on this. I am having the same problem in my church.

We use ProPresenter in our church and use display link for our stage display projector. I just want to make disllaylink I llon this correctly. If you have a Plugable brand adapter, please feel free to email support plugable.

By the way, the flash player problem occurs not only on the lcd monitor connected to the display link but on every displays. Hi Mohamed – Thanks for posting! Thanks for having that available. Apple has definitely introduced a bunch of changes that has caused things that worked on Snow Leopard to no longer work on Lion.


DisplayLink USB Graphics Driver free download for Mac | MacUpdate

Hope that background helps! Please send in those additional details at your convenience and we should be able to get you back to normal. It seems that DisplayLink has just released Beta 3 of their 1. I did search on the forum and could not find anything.

And the DisplayLink Mac 1. It sounds as though you had a USB graphics adapter that was working normally until you purchased ProPresenter?

I have the following config: