Jordan Massey 9 years ago. I dont want to take anything away from the Ping line, very solid clubs, but they did not work well for me. However for regular play they can be used untill , so if you want a set or two, get them this year or lose out! This is normal, you just feel it much more in these then you would in an iron. The clubfitter told me I should try I15 irons and the rest G15, all with stiff shaft. Tele Newbie Jun 28, Add the sweet sopt on those clubs are dead center.

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The G15 is a game improvement club while the I15 is the better player’s club. Irrespective of the the handicap. I was searching for a good answer on this too. It you can get an oppertunity to try both of them out at the range, do so, perhaps when you get fitted for your swing.

Well, for a while anyway. Well the copy pic that you have been able to show does give an excellent look into the future of PINGs new irons. Curls Journeyman Pro Jul 1, BRS 9 years ago. Looks like a beauty. Anybody know what the G and I stand for in the Ping line-up?


I definitely am not a huge fan of the trend toward super thick toplines. I wasn’t there when I got fit and while I said to myself “in a few months I’ll need the i15s” in reality I havent played as much as I’d like to have in the interim.

PING Rolls Out Complete New G15 and i15 Lines

Will 10 years ago. Maybe a few more hints into the complete line. Now I hit my iron dead straight or get a little fade.

Want MyGolfSpy’s email newsletter? The flat wrist at the top will cause the inside out swing. If you have a handicap more than 10, go with the G15 series.

Or perhaps the S56 irons??? I usually by the standard set ups. As long as I am swinging a club with the correct flex, My “miss” is a hard hook. I’ll get on tomorrow and post my thoughts. Notify me of new posts by email. The wedges I mentioned have a lot of bounce as do all differece clubs. KEW 9 years ago. But considering the rapture line is only a year old, and the s57 were also recently released.


But the difference might lie in the appearance and topline for some players. Though i wonder what ill do with it once i find it! You currently have javascript disabled.

Fades and draws have never been easier with a cc driver. I have the X20s now with stock Uniflex shafts. They definitely have more forgiveness then the i Espo 9 years ago.

PING Rolls Out Complete New G15 and i15 Lines (Bag Drop, Hot Topics) – The Sand Trap

The hybrid’s offset hosel and face relationship increases launch and lowers spin. Burr grinders 9 years ago.

difderence It is my understanding that the new V groove clubs will not be released untillhowever the square groves will be legal for amatuers until offically. A slightly elongated head offers some forgiveness, while the internal weighting gives players the lower ball flight that they crave.