But in both hardware and software, this is a significantly different card from the Leadtek. This is all very well, I suppose, but the expected lifespan of any video card running at its stock speed is pretty much the same as the expected lifespan of a CPU – in other words, it’ll normally last until it’s worth nothing. All you get are the old GeForce ones, most of which can also be downloaded from here. ASUS, on the other hand, is more lackadaisical. Though, we found a way of reduction of this artifact. You can download it from them here. But the clock speed chop causes a big performance hit, easily halving the frame rate if you’re running in a high-ish resolution.

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ASUS V7700 Deluxe 32MB GeForce2 GTS

Partly because the support software had incompatibilities galore and a lousy interface, and partly because of the clunky glasses, which despite their little agp-v770 nose pads tend to be quite uncomfortable, difficult to line up with the eyes, and a lot heavier than Buddy Holly’s nerdiest frames. How was this quality reached?

SmartDoctor is actually capable of dynamically changing the clock speed of the card in response to its temperature and what you’re doing, so overheating the card’s prevented, by slowing it down.

Interestingly that speed increase while overclocking is not so solid because MHz of memory is not enough for MHz graphics core.

Asus AGP-V7700 Pure Review

It makes me wonder if they have something to fear in showing us their unreleased products, as we’re basically the only site that isn’t afraid to tell anyone what we really think. So don’t get too excited about the Ultra. But as built-in video capture goes, the V’s is fine.


Though at that time it was just one of the theoretically possible ways, and today many just play at this resolution with GeForce2 Ultra based card.

Videocard virtual museum ยป ASUS V Pro (NVidia GeForce 2 GTS)

The drivers that ship with their cards always seem to be good, and updates are released frequently. Hey, don’t blame me; if Isaac Newton hadn’t come up with those annoying laws of thermodynamics then we could get around this problem, not to mention make perpetual motion machines, and probably stop daylight saving from fading the curtains, too. At the slightly elevated “default” speed, its score for the Quake 2 test was a asud miserable 70 frames per second.

Since Video Security only works on Windows 98, it’s hardly the sort of thing you’d want to trust your life to.

The faster you run a chip, the more heat it’ll generate. Cranking up the core speed doesn’t make a lot of difference, without the RAM bandwidth to push all of those zillion-pixel frames onto the screen. They’re not long cables, but most video card manufacturers are too stingy to give you any.

Frankly, it’s not really worth the effort.

Agp-vv7700 The card has a jack for connecting a daughter board with TV-out. The complete set includes the board itself, installation manual and several CDs: Think of it as being like a speedometer that goes up to kilometres an hour but is on the dash of a 1.

In the past, the price difference between plain and Deluxe versions of ASUS cards has been a lot bigger. Performance Expectations Page 8: BioShock Infinite and Metro: You can get, for instance, an illegible white box intermittently flashing up on the screen.


Indeed, in case of GeForce2 GTS the memory resulting frequency is the same for both card variants – MHz they differ only in memory size.

More about quality in 3D-graphics In general the quality is just perfect! Well, it lets you try to overclock that far, anyway.

The board agp-c7700 a traditionally rich yellow. I had to choke back the Leadtek card for the Quake 3 tests, because the heavier load from the more complex engine I suppose made the MHz RAM setting too high, and created a sprinkling of white pixels as data was mis-read.

The cure, in this case, may well be worse than the disease. Even giant coolers like the one on Leadtek’s board won’t help much if they’ve only got hot air to work with. Now, suddenly visiting Stutter-World is a lot better than just crashing completely.

Small fans like the ones on these video card coolers spin much faster and have rather shorter lifespans than larger models; many small fans last for years, but not all of ’em do. And none of them are necessary, with a decently fast CPU.

ASUS AGP-V Ultra review

Extras are card features beyond the basic model – TV output and input, or special flat panel or proo glasses connectors. At stock speed, the Leadtek clocked in at You can tell to do this when nothing’s happening that needs the full card power. The Latest On Tom’s Hardware.