I called Antec about it and they said it goes onto the pump housing that is screwed to the MB. In order to be able to post messages on the Overclock. Quick paint job lol. Final Thoughts and Conclusion. There is a circuit board pictured …Read the Rest.

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Just click the link in my Siggy. The Silverstone Case Owners Club.

Problem in Antec Kuhler USB controller and Windows 7 (bit) – TechSpot Forums

Installing the Kuhler H2O Page 5: Final Thoughts and Conclusion. The USB connector cable is a good 12 inches in length, making it easy to route from the pump to a spare USB header on your motherboard, but it does consume a port that might be used to serve other components – ueb a chassis’ front USB ports.

Be sure to connect the ATX 12 volt connector because you may not have access to it after the fans and radiator are installed. These instructions will assume this is a new system build so you cannot install the software first as uwb Antec instructions dictate. What sets this particular cooler apart from many of its immediate rivals is the bundled ChillControl software utility.

Problem in Antec Kuhler 920 USB controller and Windows 7 (64-bit)

Thank you FTroopDad for your info. The connection for the CPU fan can only fit one way. Whether the job requires releathering organ components, adding new ranks of pipes, designing a new instrument, or tuning one that already exists, churches of all …Read the Rest.


So I’m pretty sure I have it connected the same as you guys. The rear-most fan can be installed outside of your chassis if you’re struggling for room, but we had no such problems in our cavernous Obsidian Series D. The unit comes with thermal paste pre-applied to the base of the cold plate. We positioned the radiator vertically with the hoses at the bottom to insure any air in the system would want to collect in the upper radiator tank.

In order to be able to post messages on the Overclock.

You start by fixing a backplate to the rear of your motherboard – here’s where chassis with a dedicated cutout prove their worth – and then loosely attach a metal retention ring using the provided screws. Cannot Connect to Chill Control device. Feel free to browse our inventory and contact me if you have any questions.

The head of each threaded insert should be recessed into the slot provided on the backplate. For the Intel processor we used the blue inserts, wider retention ring and the wider backplate.

Remember that if your tower comes with a top exhaust fan or fans then you should have both fans facing inwards so that they can push cool air from the outside to the radiator and thus improve the kuhle of the unit.


Be sure the connector has the correct orientation. Now install the motherboard into the case according to the manufacturers instructions. Register Now In order to be able to post messages on the Overclock. Short of it not being hooked up properly to the motherboard. We’ll cover noise in greater detail later in the review, but take our word for it – the majority of users will want to stick with the Silent or Custom modes. Maybe someone else has the same board, and had the same issue as you.

I imagine you could still control it through smart fan. April 17, at That is just our preference. This is how the Chill Control V software will communicate with the cooler.

Are you guys sure your hooking it up to the right pins on the right headers? I have just embarked on my first PC build. Anyway the build was completed without any hitches, and the Antec Khuler is kuhlfr beautifully without any noise from the pump, which I have read some people have had trouble with possibly caused by an uneven tightening of the bracket fixing screws.