Could this possibly be done? Maetis s January 24, I know this advice is a little late but, I would, at all costs, avoid upgrading to El Captain. I had to update mine, but when I looked for the firmware update again, I couldn’t find it. It appealed to me because I can use it live as a standalone mixer as well as record with it via Firewire into Cubase LE which is included with the purchase of the mixer.

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This didnt work and spat out an error- but a bit of googling around for that error made me realise that I had to be in Recovery Mode to run that command and also not use “” quotes!!

Jason Misner February 22, Sascha Dobschal January 18, Hello, No, the mixer is not officially supported to work with a Thunderbolt FireWire connection.

Overview Topics Products People Change log. Sp4zc0r3 February 03, Sp4zc0r3 June 09, The only thing I need to carry by hand are the mic stands. This is the day and night My hp and my headphone is a new found youth.


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Right on, glad I could help: Official Representatives Chris D Employee. Nothing essential in short, but quite dsagrable Verify the Alesis MultiMix8 Firewire has the most recent firmware. How would you rate firewige product’s value for money? I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again because it covers all my needs.

Took a while to figure it out, but it does work. Level connectivity is extensive: Rafael Marchante Angulo March 02, Also, I use a Firewire to thunderbolt adapter right now, works just fine. William Clawson June 09, Alesis apparently doesn’t recognize my purchase of the MultiMix 8 Firewire although it was bought from them! Log in or Sign up.

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Not many home studio units offer that in this price range. Help get this topic noticed by sharing it on Twitter, Facebook, or email. Not planned Under consideration Planned Implemented. These days, big-name but small-size equipment companies often really are smaller and less well-funded than we might wish or dream that they could be. I described all this in a lil problem with his blocking qques milliseconds every 2 or 3 minutes I thought of a configuration problem.


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I don’t have one at my disposal the moment. USE Very easy to use. And second question, do i need to use a power supply in addition? How does this make you feel? So no worries alesix level l.

Just wanted to thank you so much!

It is a non-powered mixing board and recording console all in one. I’ve uses it with cubase, garage band and, nowadays, with logic express.

I’m not surprised your having issues with that OSX.