CompactFlash cards worked fine; stuff stayed on them until I deliberately deleted it. I am facing problem after that. Saving uncompressed video, saving a clip with no keyframe interval so it’ll have one keyframe at the beginning and then nothing but delta frames; that sort of thing. Press the Start to Record button to begin recording. Many of Aiptek’s earlier cameras just beep at you sadly if you try to take a picture when it’s darker than they like. You’re actually only turning the LCD’s backlight on and off when you do that – the little panel itself keeps darkly working when the switch is in the off position – but that’s near enough, because the backlight greatly increases the Pocket DV2’s power draw. I’m not sure what the maximum capacity is but a 1GB card should work.

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Sep 16, But, I remind you, this is a cheap camera. Here’s the Pocket DV2’s attempt. Originally Posted by Ramones, The It seems that the side viewer must be open to record video.

Jul 29, Which BTW, will give you twice as much recording time as Aiptek’s camcorder claims to have. If you’re a digital photographer who’s got a handful of CompactFlash cards bouncing around in the camera bag already, a Pocket DV2 will probably fit in there as well, and will give you a voice recorder, a USB memory card reader, and a still and video camera that you can hand to a six-year-old without having heart palpitations.


Sep 28, Click on the icon. There seems to be some kind of industry rule that every cheap PC video product has to come with at least one Ulead product, but that’s generally not so bad; it’s the applications with the toy-cam maker’s logo on them that usually drive users to drooling and gibbering.

Basic operation How to I like it a lot. I really don’t Know how to use it.

Aiptek Pocket DV2 digital camera

C System Requirements Operating System: You can probably think of some others. But wait, there’s more.

I didn;t see anything in the instructuins that states otherwise. When recording audio with the backlight off, the heed drew mA. Problem I cannot view the video clips on my computer. This is OK for basic image framing, but it’s obviously not the kind of big-picture viewfinder most people expect.

If you want to edit, you have to decompress and recompress frames, and you lose quality every time you dvv2 that. It has Your problem has a very simple fix.

VirtualDub doesn’t seem to be able to capture direct from the Pocket DV2 in tethered mode. Does chop the memory in half Starting the application 1. The world moved on, but we still remember our first MP3 players From iPods to SanDisk Sansas, we reminisce about our first MP3 players — and all the music we packed in our pockets.


Aiptek IS-DV2, new camera? – RC Groups

The camera Aiptek have deliberately styled the Pocket DV2 to look like a camcorder The cheapest of the L’s only shoots at 15fps. Apart from the fact that regular humans can afford them, baby-cams are also small and light and, generally, very easy to use. Show only see all.

The camcorder insists that my 2gb SD card is write protected, even though I have the latch set to “unlock” mode. Add Your Answer Tips for a great answer: It will only work with regular SD cards.

At byinterpolation oddities are still visible and the image looks rather soft, but at bywith a bit of Photoshoppery an Auto Color to get rid of the blue tint, a little more colour saturation boost, and a gentle unsharp maskthe above Pocket DV2 sample shot looks like this.

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