The back plane , the bottom side , the first side , and the second side together form a cavity in which a mobile device may be housed. Spring contact switch for dual in line multiple switch assembly having momentary actuated lighted indicators. In some embodiments, the repeater antenna is not connected to the mobile device by an electrically conductive medium. The one or more processors a and b may allow a mobile device coupled to the internal interface to extend its processing capabilities. The second antenna can be configured to receive an input charging signal, and the first antenna can be configured to emit an output charging signal based at least in part on the input charging signal. By incorporating an additional battery inside of a protective case for the mobile device, a user can reduce the number of peripherals to be carried at any one time and greatly increase the longevity of his or her mobile device by adding a little bit of extra thickness. In the embodiment shown, the magnetic strip swiping region is located along the bottom side of the mobile device

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The switch may power on or off the external processing accessorynear field communication accessoryor TV receiver accessory on one setting, and allow the power cell modules within these accessories, and to recharge the mobile device on another setting. According to yet another feature, the battery pack may include and inductive recharging device or a near-distance recharging device no that its power cells may be recharged without actually physically plugging it to a recharge power source.

For example, at some point after receiving data associated with a payment card nwin the magnetic strip reader interface, the cryptography module may encrypt jain received data with an encryption scheme before transmitting the data to the mobile device In this view, the bottom side of the battery pack is shown. In another embodiment, kwin second data is coupon data associated with a merchant. Like reference numerals designate like elements throughout the specification.

US9026187B2 – Wireless communication accessory for a mobile device – Google Patents

In another embodiment, the external processing mobile accessory may comprise an input interface a that is configured to scan finger prints. Play any PC game, that supports only keyboard and mouse, with your gamepad, flight-stick or wheel. The application specific accessory is not limited to these embodiments, but rather, it may be any accessory device with a specific application.


Electronic money payment system and method using on-line connector that integrates near field communications. Single Piece Bottom Mounted Casing All of the mobile device accessories disclosed herein, including for example, the external processing accessorymagnetic card payment processing accessorysmart card payment processing accessoryNFC accessoryand TV receiver accessory may be housed within a casing also referred to as a holster as shown in FIGS. Various application specific devices may be interchangeably coupled to the external processing accessory for use with the mobile device As discussed above, in reference to FIG.

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Case for a portable electronic device having a cable to electrically couple the portable electronic device to an external device. In some instance, the circuit boards and or power cell of the battery pack may cause interference with the antenna or signaling of the mobile device which is in close proximity. The wire can be in a layer or jdin that us-b2902 different than the layer of conductive material used to ush-2902 one or both of the antennas and In other embodiments, an email address associated with the purchaser or the smart card may be entered into the mobile device via the input interface The battery pack may also include a connector or interface within the cavity e.

A user of the NFC accessory may place the NFC accessory near the advertising station so that the NFC receiver may receive and download coupon data using near field communication. Jwun embodiments disclosed herein relate to a mobile device peripheral, which can include a first antenna, a second antenna that is electrically connected to the first antenna, and a third antenna that is electrically connected to the first antenna.

Wirelessly charging a mobile device and utilizing the mobile device as a power source. In yet another embodiment, the depth d of the payment processing accessory is less than 0.


One or more microphones may be housed within the battery pack e. The database management application can be loaded onto and executed on the mobile device through the internal interface The acceptance or denial message may then be transmitted to the mobile device from ub-2902 NFC accessory for any further processing.

A user of the NFC accessory may place the NFC accessory near the advertising station so that the NFC receiver may receive and download coupon data using near field communication. Uwin illustrative purposes, mobile device is depicted as the mobile communication device sold under the trademark iPhone by Apple Inc.

Modular protective housing with peripherals for a handheld communicatons device. The printed flexible circuit can include one or more conductive layers e. In another embodiment, the depth d of the casing is less than 1 inch.

For example, the NFC transmitter may transmit public transportation account information such as travel credit to an NFC kiosk at the public transportation station.

This allows the mobile device to communicate via other interfaces that may not be built into the mobile device. The two sections can then be coupled together to secure the mobile device in place.

A first antenna can be positioned to be in communication with an antenna on the mobile deviceas discussed herein. In this fashion the magnetic strip swiping region is not obstructed by the user’s hand when the payment processing accessory housing the mobile device is held is held along the first and second sides and For example, in one embodiment, one or more of the pins of the external interface detects an identity circuit See FIG.

The repeater antenna can be capable of receiving a wireless signal from an antenna in the mobile device and transmitting the same signal or an amplified version of the same signal.