The LOCK light and the In this regard, despite the aforementioned handicap, the Esoteric was as good as or better than the EMM. Upon opening the package we noticed a super-beefy CNC’d aluminum remote control. Here is his response: It all boils down to personal preference. This ability to manipulate and upgrade every portion of a DAC is precisely the reason why Ed has always stressed building our proprietary discrete circuitry and software algorithms in-house; making the best use of our unique single-bit DAC design — and not use any of the conversion and signal processing chips found everywhere in the high-end industry. The functions that are relevant to the DAC2X:

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At the tail ends of notes, high-end digital components are now expected to render cymbal decays with no noticeable truncation. Selects the EMM Optilink input.

In this regard, despite the aforementioned handicap, the Esoteric was as good as or better than the EMM.

The remote ahdio elegant and impressive. Submitted by miguelito on February 23, – Favorite Sound Munich High End Details Created on Thursday, 21 February Review By Phil Gold. It also offered a more fully developed midrange. Favorite Music Lists of There are two main file types when it comes to DSD. But matters of taste aside, there can be no dispute that the DAC2X is one of only a few one-box DACs that can reasonably claim to intrude on the state of the art.


The DAC2X looks and feels the part of a audjo well made piece of kit. This circuit produces less than 1 picosecond of jitter. Just our two cents but take it for what it’s worth.

EMM Labs DAC2X AUDIO CONVERTER : Owner’s manual

The stock EMM Labs power cable is decent, the Shunyata cords are very good, but do have a tendency to make digital products considerably warmer, which can tame the top end of many digital products, however, this aural tendency can sometimes remove a bit of air and detail at the same time, which may have been the cause of some of your findings.

In power save mode the remote control and all front panel functions become inactive. When digging into the comparisons with the Auralic Vega, one thing was very apparent—the Vega’s overall presentation sounded much airier and much more relaxed.

Power Factor Corrected Voltage: These include a number of patents and a few decades’ worth of product design and innovation including preampfification, amplification, and all things digital like the Meitner Intelligent Digital Audio Translator IDAT digital processor form My point is we have a lot of experience with both of these companies outstanding products.


Submitted by Michael Usv on February 19, – 8: Introduced inthe Super Audio Compact Disc has to this day never won mass acceptance. More generally, voices, strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion whose sounds fell within Hz all sounded natural, not overhyped to convey fake analog warmth.


Once these settings were selected, we made the proper adjustments to the Album Player preferences so the ASIO buffer settings matched the Thesycon settings and we were good to go. The DAC2X takes whatever you give and gives back your music in a purely musical manner.

Answering customer demand and always in pursuit of the ultimate in faithful sound quality, Ed Meitner launched a redesigned DAC2X in – an all-out attempt to surpass his own DAC2.

Please make sure that your DAC2X has dad2x latest installed software and drivers. Positive or negative output phase Power Supply: Tell us about it.

Infrared, aluminum, controls matching drive TDSX. Phil’s conclusion makes us all at EMM Labs truly proud that our efforts to further raise the bar and make converters the way that we believe they should be made is justified.

Allo DigiOne Signature Review. The shot below shows this control panel. This was good but it’s nice to know exactly which sample rate your files are playing at for review purposes.