The current problem is that there are not a lot of ExpressCard wireless cards which are compatible with the aircrack-ng suite. What driver are you using? Can someone tell me can i use rtl su adapter for wifiphiser for jamming. Most of them won’t support monitor mode and injection. If you are unable to determine which chipset your card has, then you are out of luck. I’m also not connected to the Internet, but I really didn’t think that would matter.

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The soft block is a software block to disable wireless usually done by network managers. Standalone driver has been added to the Linux Staging tree. Monitor mode capable, packet injection capable.


In the first part of aircracck series on Wi-Fi hackingwe discussed the basic terms and technologies associated with Wi-Fi. Could someone help me? Below is a screenshot of when I type iwconfig and airmon-ng start wlan0. If it is not loaded, you will have to investigate and correct the problem.

compatibility_drivers [Aircrack-ng]

Airdecap-ng enables us to decrypt wireless traffic once we arheros cracked the key. Thank you for such an important article. This is because card manufacturers generally don’t want to reveal what they use inside their card.


I’m about to buy my first Alfa.

The message is very clearly detailed in dmesg, it will tell what filename is missing and where it is expecting it. There are many considerations that should go into your purchase decision: Airtun-ng is a virtual tunnel interface creator. Pretty sure if you can not start a monitor interface then the card is not airrack work.

Sagar Ch 4 years ago. These drivers are not part of the standard Linux kernel and have been modified to allow for injection. This way you have the best of both worlds. The new version of aircarck-ng using that designation for the monitor interface.

Revision 2 is experimental ACX chipset. Atheros chipsets based wireless This wircrack caused by module you are loading not being matching the kernel version you are running.

My friend is using it for more than four years very good device. This card is compatible with aircrack-ng and packet injection yes? After screening through the list, here are our recommended USB wireless adapters that have the best compatibility with BackTrack 5, Kali Linux and Aircrack-ng. The first is the brand of the card itself. Sorry, I have only been working with Linux for a few weeks, so I’m still a newbie.


Tutorial: Is My Wireless Card Compatible?

How much peer support and documentation is available for the card and software drivers. Could my chipset have something to do with it?

There are 2 types of wireless cards: There are other tools, but these are the ones we’ll be focusing on. You will need the following to compile drivers: It will never work with aircrack-ng.

Is it possible to have the Raspberry Pi change usb drives if the persistence partition fills up before I get a chance to download the data to another widows manually.

Welcome back, my fledgling hackers!

Using wlan0 on monitor mode, everything is normal.