The attention-grabbing aluminum case is an imposing size and weight, ruling the out as a machine to regularly lug to LAN parties, but it looks really cool thanks to its curves and programmable LEDs. I’ve never heard of any other company doing something like that for it’s customers. It’s not like you did a proper comparison to what you can get independantly for the same price. How do you feel about 3rd party modified drivers? Source Engine Gaming Performance: The time now is Anonymoose March 30,

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I think it’s the older model number attributed to the Gamers PC’s. As in, it is on much more often now.

Brand name screamer

Building a computer will generally be cheaper then what dell or other brand names can offer – if you shop at the right places and do your research. The case also offers tool-less expansion, and care has been invested in cable management, although installing a second graphics card still probably won’t be easy.

The leaked nVidia series drivers on Guru3d have fixed my Cozumel loading problem in Vista! I’ve spent hours searching the vidta for a solution to my problem but nothing works entirely.

Geoforms + Vista + Music

Now Dell has decided to drop the price bomb. Prev 1 2 Next Page 2 of 2. It wasn’t really that snide, was it?


So for my next major purchase ie, full system I am thinking of going Mac for the big buy and building my own games machine from scratch.

The drivers are for series cards, but the included. Contact Us Archive Top. So I need the warranty even if I’ve never had to take 79000go a PC for repair over 14 years and 4 computers, only this one from Dell.

Unfortunetely, dell isnt shipping the Go GTX, otherwise you could drop that video card right into an older shipping model visfa the i Sign up for a new account in our community.

Whether this is possible I don’t know. However, the E in particular strikes a good balance between performance, size, and battery life while maintaining a price that, while not cheap, is far more palatable than most of the alternatives. Much appreciated and thank you! I did an upgrade and full install to vista and concluded the ‘Vista Compatible’ sticker on my laptop was pointless. Parogadi Premium Member Sep I’ll give it a shot and update this thread when I can. You’re making a snide comment to benefit the PS3!

Dell also 79000go the Inspiron E, which reduces the size by going with a 15 inch display. The simple answer is that the two are basically identical, other than the bling-bling and graphics card options. I would like to see what your diagnosis would be. Still same problem, just to different severities.


And so, back to XP I go so I can watch movies and play some games. I’m furious with HP atm.

Geoforms + Vista + Music | NotebookReview

Of course, how much value you put on the time it takes to research all of a DIY computer’s components, plus building, testing, troubleshooting and finding support, is open to debate. I’ve never heard of any other company doing something like that for it’s customers.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. I’ll probably get a new one in 3 years it’s 1 year old with all the bells and whistles. Yeah, i ripped my knuckles open putting my massive Thermaltake fan on my PC the other week.

So basically windows would slow down, sometimes in 5 minutes of running, something it could last hours until it slowed down. I also have a Toshiba laptop and the same graphic card and unfortunately the same problems. My friend Paul does that.